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We at A&M Property Management are happy to provide management and consulting to Small and Medium Sized Homeowners Associations. We understand that there is no such thing as a full time HOA Board Member. People volunteer for this unpaid position so that they can help in the community. Our goal is not to take control of the HOA away from the Board; it is to train and equip the Board so that they can stay in control but have the tools to do it with confidence. Properly run, an HOA increases and protects home prices will bringing value to the community.

We offer full service as well as financial only management for Homeowners Associations in the greater Bay Area. If we can be a help to your association, please give us a call or email so that we can answer any questions you might have.

Our Services Include:

    1. Respond to homeowner requests or concerns
    2. Prepare monthly financial statements
    3. Manage the Association financials including Dues Collection and Accounts Payable.
    4. Assist the Board Treasurer in preparing the annual budget for the association 60 days in advance of the fiscal year end.
    5. Coordinate yearly audit with the Association’s CPA.
    6. Retain records as required by Association
    7. Attend regular board meetings as specified by contract
    8. Solicit and negotiate proposals for repairs and ongoing services.
    9. Stay up to date on new legislation and Association requirements.
    10. Online document sharing, communication, and payment options for all homeowners.